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Due to restrictions put in place by Covid-19 the following is the procedure to bond someone out of incarceration at the Boyd County Detention Center.

Clerks Office will only take bonds that are over $10,000 and an appointment has been scheduled.  All other bonds shall be paid though this process. 

There are three methods bonds can be paid:

1. By cash or credit card.  This can be done 24 hours a day at Kiosk located in small metal extension located directly beside main jail lobby entrance.  

2. By Cashiers Check during Business Hours

3.  By Venmo.

See Below for directions for each method. Please call Detention Center at 606-739-4224 to confirm bond amount and inform staff of your method of bonding before starting any bonding process. 

Bonds may be paid with a Cashiers Check at the Jail during normal business hours (Monday - Friday, 8 am to 4 pm, excluding holidays).  

• Bonds via Venmo will be taken at Jail 24 hours a day

• Only Bonds under $10,000 can be accepted. (over $10,000 will need to schedule an appoint with Boyd Circuit Clerk)

• Lobby is closed and no entry will be allowed to facility thus NO cash can be taken.

• You may pay online with credit card or linked bank account through venmo.  You can set up account and/or download app at  Venmo  .  You need to search payment contacts for boydjailbonds.  It should have a picture of our deputy badge. 

You will need to follow below steps:

 For Venmo Payments:

Step 1: Call the jail (606-739-4224) and verify inmates bond amount

Step 2: Go to Venmo and pay bond amount given to you by BCDC Staff.  Remember amount given to you will be bond amount plus $30 clerk fees.  When you do payment make sure it is boydjailbonds@gmail.com with our badge as picture.  Put bond payment with name of person you are bonding out in description of payment.   

Step 3: Call the jail back and confirm your bail payment went through. Once confirmation is made, incarcerated person will be released. 

** Releasing time is approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour after payment is confirmed so plan accordingly**

Note that the amount needed to post bonds will be an additional $30 to the amount of the bond. Example Inmate John Doe has a $500 bond, it would cost $530 to post bond after hours. ($25 Clerk Fee & $5 Jailer Fee)

Below is a description of type of bonds that can be imposed.  The Jailer and/or jail staff has no ability to remove, reduce, re-type or make any change to a  bond. 

When a person is incarcerated there are several ways for that individual to post a bond to secure their release. The different types of bonds and a brief description are listed below.

  OR Bond - Own Recognizance, This bond requires an individual to sign stating they will return on their appointed court date and is not secured by any other means.
  Surety Bond - a surety bond requires someone of the Judges choosing to sign, most commonly a spouse or parent. But does not require any money at the time of release, however the bond does state a monetary amount and the signer assumes that burden if the court date is missed.
  Unsecured Bond – Has a monetary amount assigned to it but does not require money at the time of release, this bond is much like a surety bond but can be signed by the person being released.
  Partially Secured – Has a monetary value and a percentage of that must be paid before release. The total amount and the percentage to be paid are both set by the Judge issuing the bond.
  Property Bond – This type of bond has a monetary value and is allowed to be secured through the use of owned property. This can only be done at the courthouse.