COVID -19 at Boyd County Detention Center.
    BCDC understands that family and friends are worried about their loved ones at BCDC. We take the health and welfare of all those at BCDC very seriously.
    Masks have been available to all inmates for several months and are now issued to all inmates on intake. Movement within the jail has been restricted to reduce the spread of COVID and it has been mandatory for staff to wear masks for several months.
    We continue to clean all areas of the jail.
    All medical costs in the form of copay, nurse/doctor visits and medication have been waived during the times of COVID to ensure that everyone will request a sick call or medication if they are having symptoms.
    We have few persons that are showing anything but mild symptoms. All symptoms are being treated with medication recommend for these symptoms. All inmates are being monitored. Anyone that has symptoms or complications that go beyond what can be treated by our medical staff will be sent for     treatment.
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